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Here’s a first.


Hello internet. I’m stushi.

This is my first blog, first post, first time introducing myself to an imaginary audience. Sad? Not really.

I’m not really sure what the purpose of this is, yet. I just know that I have to write. Why? Lots of reasons. Lots and lots. Okay, probably not that much. But instead of finding reasons, I’m just going to make a list of stuff that I plan to write about, so that you and I have a general idea of what this blog will be/is about.

1) Reviews. Anything, ranging from shows, movies, books, manga, anime, other blogs even. (I might change my mind about this…let’s see.)

2) Thoughts.  Again, related to anything of the above.

3) Personal stuff. Not really sure about this one, but I am thinking about maybe adding some personal stories, thoughts, or rants related to my life. (Probably not so much, but meh.)

4) Links. Anything that I find REALLY interesting, yet can’t actually share on FB for various reasons. Of course, obviously only if I get enough readers. On second thought, I’ll post them anyway…don’t care if anyone reads this. (Of course I care.)

I don’t have any more ideas right now, so I think I’ll stick to these four. Not much, but who cares. I don’t. (I do.)

Maybe the next post will actually have something interesting…maybe…

But for now, I leave you, my imaginary reader, with this link:

I recommend everyone to watch that and agree that it’s awesome. Of course everyone agrees. I’m always right. (I’m not.)